How to create your own signature in 5 minutes

In the previous article dung instructed you to analyse a person's signature and identify the personality of the person. This article is the brave tutorial on how to create your own signature simple, easy to do in 5 minutes in different ways.

Previous post reference: Signature analysis? Sense of signature? Guess right personality

1. Refer to the video how to create your own signature

2. How to create your own signature

After analyzing the series of factors related to signatures. Now we'll learn together how to create beautiful signatures. With the creation of your own signature, you'll have two sections for shape and training. To create the signatures you need through the following 4 basic steps:

Step 1: Shape the person you

You need to clearly identify the gas, personality of your current friend. At the same time you want to be someone in the future. Configuring yourself helps you make a good decision on your signature template.

For example, I'm a broad person, like a shared bottle and a person of aspiration, goal, and consistency. The signature type that I choose will be a signature with large strokes, moderate pen pressing force. Characters in signatures are far from moderate, balanced. The overall signature is upward and there are no extra tiles.

You have to be a globe and have a lot of time that is not very important. The doctor is often rushed, so their signatures are very few strokes, and they are very small. If you have time to take care of, then choose 1 More bridge signature.

Beautiful signature name Thanh Quan
Beautiful signature name Thanh Quan

Step 2: What do you want to sign

What do you want to do in your signature? You'll need to specify which parts you want to add. You want to use the name, family, or abbreviation, or to add icon images. Your determination will help you get your wishes in the signature.

What you want to include is personal expression, or you want people to understand it. For example, you want to be a power person; Think of putting large strokes above the small strokes, for example. Many people like to use icons such as springs, birds, stars, hearts into signatures. If you are the power people I have advice for you is not advised.

Step 3: Search for inspiration from other signatures

In the process of creating your signature, you can't come up with a suitable template. You need a reference from the available templates. Sometimes you just need to reference only the character patterns you add. After you find it, try adding it to your signature.

Signature Name Dieu Linh
Signature Name Dieu Linh

Step 4: Configure and edit signatures

Shape and calibration of the signature. Before making a decision to use the signature, you need to shape your signature. Then re-calibrthe basic strokes, see if you really want to be somewhat big, so small. It is extremely important. If you do not pay attention to this you probably will no longer have the opportunity to correct mistakes.

If you find it hard, you can refer to the beautiful signature samples by your name, then link the beautiful signature templates by name here: Beautiful Signature by name

3. Training is how to create a beautiful signature

Creative signatures are hard work. But training to create stability for the signature is harder. You need regular and continuous training, if you do not want to signature at 1 other. You need to work on both the pen, short length, distance, direction… To the level of accuracy. Sometimes the sign like natural reflexes is conditional. Set the pen to sign, simple but need a lot of training.

Beautiful signature Name Xuan Hieu
Beautiful signature Name Xuan Hieu

Further references to article: Beautiful Feng shui signatures

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