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The most touching collection of farewell poems to friends, teachers, and school

Poetry farewell to friends, teachers, school is a bunch of poems that always bring emotion and flow in people’s hearts. Each of us has experienced the years of sitting on the school chair and the sad farewell summers. That’s why when the summer comes, it’s also the time when farewell poems to friends and teachers are sought after by many readers who love poetry.

In order to meet that need of you, now upanh123.com would like to dedicate you to practice farewell poems to friends, teachers, the most emotional school. Let’s share together!

The best friends farewell poems

Poems about memories at school, teachers, and dear friends that every time we read them again, we can’t help but be moved and excited. Student age is probably the most beautiful time of each person, also Therefore, there are many beautiful poems and songs about the white shirt era. Read rhymes farewell poems to friends After that, if you have ever experienced the life of a student, who is not touched?

Farewell time

The school drums sounded hurriedly,

I was shocked to say goodbye to school age.

Even though I told myself the hour of parting would come,

But my soul is still reeling with sadness!

Blame the heart is always eternal sorrow,

Or blame the cruel division of time?

Oh, school, now far away forever,

Dear friends, where are you?

Teacher, now must be gone forever,

When will we find a familiar figure?

The phoenix petals are indifferent to the wind,

Is there a shadow who quietly stands mourning?

Who has sad purple eyes in the classroom?

Does anyone’s heart ache at the farewell?

A little nostalgia for school age

Author: Que Huong

Gone are the school years

Gone are the days when we were naive

Spring weaves dreams

Picking up books to look forward to the future

Gone are the mornings

Ao dai flutters with whoever goes to school

Pure as dew drops

Red phoenix flowers line the road of childhood

Gone are the afternoons

After school, who picks someone up and takes them home?

Vi vu on the road

Ao dai flutters shoulder length hair.

Gone are the memories of tomorrow

Gone are the long years of dreaming

Spring weaves many poetic ideas

Give me nostalgic nostalgia in my mind’.

Falling Eagle Leaves

Author: Quoc Phuong

Watching the leaves fall

Reminds me of my school days

Childhood is full of love

Our teachers and friends together!

Blackboard with white pages

Small pencils – rulers – crayons

With pure white shirt

Relaxing in the wind, elegant shape!

Let’s go to school and call each other

You, me, you, I’m full of joy

The time to steal books is far away

Teachers, friends, one each!

Ask if you miss me?

Where are the teachers now?

Blue hair is also colored now

Fading over the years, sun and rain!

Teachers are still the same

Steadfastly steering to bring students

How many nights of worry

On the lesson plan page, students should!

Parents don’t forget rice

Teachers teach words to grow up and build a life!’.

Guestbook Series

Author Quoc Phuong

The guestbook line… the notebook is still there

Summer is back… red phoenix in the schoolyard

This person’s hair has dew point

But so many memories linger in my heart

There are times… wish to come back

The time when… under the old school roof

Play together early in the afternoon

I secretly miss the late afternoon pick-up and drop-off

Foolish love… lonely and lonely

Just one-sidedly… a love song

That the girl has a pretty figure

What is it like to love but not dare to confess?

The guestbook line… comes to mind

How many years.. reigning in my heart

Floating life seeking

Every season when the phoenix blooms, I feel nostalgic.

A Time Gone

Author: Phuong Nguyen

In the distance, I hear the sound of school drums

Why do I feel tears in my heart?

Remembering the lovely figure

Remember the days of book-stealing a bygone era.

Remember that the vertical branch is momentum

Busy cicadas call summer to

Remember each familiar stone chair

Remember the graceful white shirt of the day.

So many great memories

Suddenly this reminds me of this

Remember every teacher’s voice

Remember the tears that day apart.

Now my heart flutters

Remember the guestbook page that handed over today

Fourteen long years apart

But I thought it was yesterday’.

Summer Nostalgia

Author: Ta Quang Sum

There are summers that never come back

To the sound of cicadas, heavy with pink phoenix wings

Old book pages… fading away, then far away

The song of the heart, king of nostalgia

The person that year still had ink marks on his hand!

Or has faded along several miles!

Still picking up yellow leaves, every autumn comes!

Or have… get on the boat to go down with someone!

In the old summer, the flower garden – butterflies fluttered

Low shoulder long dress with short hair

Friends whispering, teasing… mischievously

Walking quickly, looking at each other blushing, whispering…

In the old summer, the sun shines on the riverside

The sound of someone’s footsteps rushing to the gravel path!

Let a person suddenly become a poet

Constantly chirping… cheating on poems

Who on the board stammered the post not yet memorized!

Who in the class looked, eyes slightly teary!

Who wiggles her hair on the podium!

Who is like a ‘fool’ who is forever… dumb!

Who still keeps the summer in the yearbook!

Dried flower petals smell like school age

Who meet again! who is far away, then disappears!

To cherish the old summer forever!’…

Farewell to Childhood

Author: Huyen Thu

The last moment, leaving the old school

Far away from friends, where love is cherished

School age, longing for love

Now that I’m far away, sadness is at the corner of my eye

Feet walk forever, knowing the pain is like cutting

I don’t dare to look, I just turn my face away

Tears are full of tears, wetting my eyes

Embracing memories, embarrassed to say goodbye

The color of red phoenix, the sound of cicadas

Buried, the earnest from here

Goodbye, so many innocent dreams

Stop being closed, a series of days of dreaming and dreaming

I’m standing in the middle of the high sky

The eyes are watching, the distance is wide and wide

Ask yourself, the days will fade away

Or remember forever, even though time does not wait’.

Remember School Age

Author: Do Thi Kim Thoa

How many seasons have you seen the phoenix in bloom?

How many years have you been away from your old school?

Old friends know there are still enough?

Old teachers know who lost who?

The road of public and famous life is wide

The little boy buried three feet of earth

The sick child counts the days lazily

A child’s life is as light as smoke and mist

How many years did it take to say goodbye?

How many things are packed in the guestbook page?

A little question that has never been on a date

Pink phoenix wings give a quick farewell

Who hesitantly hides love

Who is carefree or pretends not to know?

Afraid of tears smearing the farewell poem page

Smiling mouth, bitter eyes…

Student age is as beautiful as clouds

Pure white on a deep blue sky

Dear friends, I love you so much

There was a time when passions burned.

Touching farewell poems to friends

When summer comes, exam season is also the farewell season for seniors. Send you articles touching farewell poems to friends and pure feelings of student time. The nostalgia when we have to leave our beloved school, or the dear nostalgia when we remember a time when we were students in the past.

I Love You So Much Student

School age, love the cloudy hair

I cycled through the phoenix long street

Hear in the wind, someone whispering

Let me go the same way as you!

School age, love the language so much

Red pressed phoenix wings on small pages

Dear teacher’s words are still there

All chalk dust falls white dreams.

School age, love poems

Also clumsy, stupid when growing up

With stork wings, carrying a heavy dream

There are human eyes, why peek at me.

How I love you, the days are long gone

So clear, never seen again

The ship has passed, why is it forever?

Is there a train that takes me back, my childhood?’.

Farewell Feelings

The school yard is covered with lucky pig grass

Beloved childhood in school days

There are very sincere teachers

There are words of friends to have fun with me

Teachers for life

Like a shining star in the sky, love

Experiencing the sun, wind, rain, and dew

Lead me all the way through the past

All my life teaching high school

Teachers are like good parents

There are times when I feel sad

We are innocent little swallows practicing passing

There are times when I feel helpless

On the way to learn my dream

The teachers came very sincerely

Be a boat driver with a lovely figure

Next time will delete many

How many memories of the past

Ma’am, don’t be sorry

Here is a small poem as a parting gift

No subject

Tomorrow, who are we anymore?

Old friends have passed away and the school has changed

Whenever I’m sad, no one is good

Where are the bitterness and bitterness left?

If only life were not divided into many doors

Let friends sit together again

But fate has to endure even though it hurts

Just want life to stand in someone’s footsteps

Whose last class?

Tears in the corner of my eyes

That love has been collected for days

Send your friends back to the old school

Embarrassed moment of parting

People who are left know what to say to relieve pain

No one has time to sit and comfort

I can’t stop crying and crying…!!!

Good collection of poems and farewell season


Everyone at the year-end party cried

I’m sad to play the parting tune

Personally, I intentionally… laughed out loud

We’ll see each other again… why cry

Wow… the refrigerator thing

Go there and be in the same class

Don’t be sorry for who is sitting next to you

Just grin and want to have a cup in the head

Then I entered the construction exam

Then he chose a bank

Invite each other to hang out, still speak loudly

No one has to share every table

Second, third, fourth year

The day goes by, getting farther and farther away

Occasionally, I still make fun of them to get glared at: you brat

Why is my laughter so dull

The boys invited each other to class meetings

Wink and smile: Remember to bring it to outsiders

Still thinking about it… my heart is pounding

If I had to bring…who was that person?

That class meeting day went with a stranger

Much taller than me, more mature

I cling to the boys that match

Try to hide the feeling of resentment

Thinking back to that festival day

Actually…I cried a lot

It’s over, you poor fool

Hiding forever… so dear, dear…!

No subject

Only the sound of cicadas rustling with the wind

With purple lentils whispering a little rain

The last lesson is light and fluffy

The last lesson, everything is dear

The chalkboard is tinged with sadness

Dreamy window frame, dreamy sky

Suddenly startled by the sound of time breathing

The last lesson was silent

Rows of stone benches are cold in the summer rain

Memories of a “foreign” time

Please collect old school memories

Farewell to the school yard falling phoenix flowers

Bye bye discolored chalk board

Goodbye white shirt for a while at school

Say hello to “raindrops of sunshine”


The old road is still covered with warm sunshine

Ao dai with a tilted hat

Whose eyes are wet for whose hearts are filled

It’s been an unforgettable time

It’s time to go out and chat with friends

Naughty joke about stupid love story

Flowers are not yet full of love, so hurry to pick them

The soul follows the clear cloud without worries

Summer has come, why is everyone so sad

Now that I’m older, why do I regret my lips

There are tears that haven’t fallen, look so heavy

Then we will see you again tomorrow.

Remember summer forever

Lost in the middle of summer noon

Feeling sorry for the students’ cicadas

Pink phoenix remembers being stunned

The innocent childhood is now far behind.

Remember that day is over

Climbing the tree to break the flower branch in school

Give your girlfriend love

Until now, still lingering in the heart.

Leaving childhood with pink phoenix

Wrapped in immense long-distance nostalgia

Bring future aspirations

The university lecture hall worked hard.

Dear, difficult years

Students talk all day and eat all day

Summer noon sitting under the trees

Watching the sun terraces are filled with poems

Bring love to bewilderment

But dare not say thanks to the flower branch

Covered with purple mausoleum in the afternoon

Is my own love to her.

Wish I could turn back time

Let me fall in love again

Release your soul like kites

Chaos tilted in the windy afternoon immense.

Here is the episode friends farewell poetry,The most emotional teachers and schools are compiled by upanh123.com. Hope you like it. Please share to find your own feelings again! Hope you enjoy reading poetry!

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