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Top 10 STT hay về ngày tổng kết năm học (ADS)

Time has passed, it is new but another school year has passed … Let gan dạ SEO settle into the emotions sent to the STT (status) or about the closing date of the school year in the article below. Above is a list of good No. of school year summary dates. Hope this article will help you! Top 3 The criteria that gan dạ always aim to bring the most useful information to the community

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No of summary date of the school year (number 1)

“Goodbye dear doll, goodbye to the bear, goodbye to beautiful white rabbit tomorrow I will be in grade 1” Those words were sung by the children in today’s summation, making her feel excited. moving. So you have enough feathers to fly to a new environment, from now on you have to study more and make more effort. Far away from the children, I miss so much, thank you for your real efforts in the 5B common house, thank you all the parents who have accompanied her and gave a lot of love to the girls throughout. school year and even now parting moment. Really very emotional about the breakup. Goodbye, little angels, goodbye dear parents. Love the 5B house very much!

Facebook: Khanh Phuong

Day: May 25, 2017

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No ending date of school year (No. 2)

So the sum of my eighth year at a place where I feel happiest and happiest. The youth I spent there … Life is reunion and separation, the joys always end. There are smiles that never seem to stop, there are fun that seem to last forever. Until you and I are apart. Everything is just a memory .. But one thing that never ends is the friendship between me and you guys even though we are no longer on the same path. I always remember that place. The place where I have been with you for 8 years …

Facebook: Loan Pham

Day: May 25, 2019

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Illustrative image (Internet source)

No of the ending date of the school year (No. 3)

Summarize the school year

Farewell to the mischievous students

A year passed quickly

Every day in class, looking dizzy with the number 49, the furniture is close, there is no room to … breathe! Always open words, but no one will change classes! Even though she was so violent, she heard it! Yet, the children also endured and struggled in such a narrow space: hot, rainy, and hot too! Still joking with the “our paradise” the highest and farthest place in the school! And that place is filled with many memories of the age of students … When the cicadas come trang chủ from summer, the kids are không tính phí from school, spoiled for fun, with lots of positive energy to prepare the new school year with lots of fun! Love!

Facebook: Lien Chau Chau

Day: May 23, 2019

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Illustrative image (Internet source)

No of summary date of the school year (No. 4)

Each year passed, the school year closing ceremony came. This school year, their lovely students are just entering the school door every day with many new things with teachers and friends, holding hands tightly to the girls who always call their mothers in their sleep. Tears were shed when the lyrics had “Mom” … more and more. All those images are still bold on the roof of dear Rose Kindergarten. Up to now, the children are much more mature and independent. Every scene, toys around the school yard, the teachers here become close and familiar with the children. The children look forward to getting up early every morning to go to class to meet the girls and to meet friends. Chirping to tell the girls many funny and lovely stories. Yet, only one week left, they had to say goodbye to all of them, far from friends, away from dear Rose school – where our girls and students met and then left each other again in love and nostalgia. I hope you all try to study well, obediently, always the pride of parents and teachers!

Facebook: Phuong Quynh

Day: May 17, 2019

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Illustrative image (Internet source)

No of summary date of the school year (number 5)

Phoenix- Bang and cicadas cries out. The time when the plums are ripe is also the time when the so-called students finish a long career in their school career.

Today Tep also officially ended “Year 2 of kindergarten” The closing ceremony held in a place not in school also made the children excited all the time. Tomorrow the children will have a summer vacation – It also means being away from the B4 class girls who have attached, accompanied and understood each child’s personality.

Fortunately, after a year, instead of improving in weight, I have improved a lot in other skills.

Sad because he had to leave the girls, Tep changed classes. Having the same food, joining in activities with the girls can only see how terrible it is for children from 40 to 50 children one day. Yet still both teaching and teaching. Closing ceremony – farewell, Tep’s mother also recovered Rather than say, I would lượt thích to express my sincere thanks to the ladies who have been with Tép and friends during the past time.

Facebook: Vermicelli Noodles With Shrimp Fish Sauce

Day: 5/25/1019

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Illustrative image (Internet source)

No of the ending date of the school year (No. 6)

Summarize the school year! Again, I struggled to spend any time sitting with my children to say goodbye properly, or take time to take commemorative photos. Two years with her children was also two years starting her job. A lot of memories, children! Love her children so much, and she will forever remember her first students (love her a lot, but it also annoys her).

Wishing you a lot of health, good study. And always remember her. Thank you moms, dads have always trusted and supported her all the time and also gave her special love. Thank you very much!

Facebook: Yen Tron

Day: May 25, 2019

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Illustrative image (Internet source)

No of summary date of the school year (No. 7)


Recalling the memories of the school teachers and friends when the stupid and goofy students with a feeling of being flustered each time they parted when the phoenix flowers blossoming brightly in the final years of high school. A few innocent moments, but now a little bit, the U40 is different from the old toàn thân of phoenix …

Facebook: Nguyen Lose

Day: May 14, 2019

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Illustrative image (Internet source)

No of summary date of the school year (No. 8)

Send my beloved games!

The summer days at the end of May are very hot, aren’t they? Another May has passed the white chalky life of the teachers and teachers, another season we have to say farewell words that no one wants … Probably now, the 12th grade students Are nervous, eagerly preparing for the final closing day, happy, sad, right? She is also very happy to see that her children have really grown and matured after 3 years of studying and living together under this roof. But I can not hide my sadness because I have to be away from familiar faces, away from the days that only tomorrow we call it a memory … A very special student course, a course born with very special games, … we have worked hard together to achieve beautiful dreams. Honey, no one dares to quell my beliefs and ambitions, come my way with the successes waiting for you ahead.

She always believes in ABSOLUTELY dear students! She knows that the past exercises and exercises have made the students tired, watching the faces stay up at night to study, she loves her students very much. In just over a month, I am confident that their efforts will pay off. A dry math teacher always forces them to learn this, do that, create assignments. just made the games difficult for 3 years in school. Must the students hate her a lot? As for her, she always feels proud of her students, thanking them for their hard work, creativity and enthusiasm, so that she can learn more from her students.

Tomorrow is the best day in their students’ lives, we put our books aside for now and spend a whole day in this house.

Facebook: Nguyen Huong

Day: May 24, 2018

Illustrative image (Internet source)

Illustrative image (Internet source)

No of summary date of the school year (No. 9)

Summer comes, the cicadas cry, the sky is bright red, the phoenix … is also when the girls and students leave the school seats with their uneasiness and nostalgia to say farewell to their teachers and friends. The school year has slowly ended. Have an interesting summer. Thank you to the parents for accompanying the girl 4a2.

Facebook: Bee Bud

Day: May 24, 2019

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Illustrative image (Internet source)

No end date of school year (No. 10)

May is when the sweltering summer sun appears, the sound of cicadas squeaking, the phoenix flowers blooming red brightly in the school yard. May is the signaling time for a long summer vacation for students, a rush of time for us to know that we are about to leave our dear school, is the time to say goodbye Unfortunately for the seniors … Suddenly, I suddenly realized that this summer it’s not lượt thích the summer of previous years. Because for me, this summer is the last summer of a student’s life. 11 years of school have passed and only one more year, I will officially have to say goodbye to my student years. A little nostalgia, a little disappointment, a little fear .. all intertwined to create a line of emotions that is hard to say .. !!

Facebook: Hoang Thuy Ngan

Day: May 21, 2019

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Illustrative image (Internet source)

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