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Signature name Pearl
Signature name Pearl

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"Prime" in the Han-Viet means high purity, rustic, unobtrusive, flaunt. The name is often used to mention girls with white, rustic, idyllic and gentle skin

Pretty Prime Name

-An element: "An" is peaceful. "An element" is a quiet calm.

-English element: the English word in the pinyin is "talented people" with the meaning of the remarkable, intelligent, good Jiang. "Prosecutor" is a common word that is used to describe a beautiful daughter. The daughter named brother is only the desire of parents who would later be beautiful and talented in many directions.

-Pot: "Pot", you are the manifestation of purity, bright, straightforward, honest.

-Prosecutor: "prosecutor" is a word used to describe a beautiful daughter. "Holding" in the Sino-Vietnamese language means flock, showing ethereal life, peace, self and ingenious talents. The daughter who is named "prosecutor" is only the desire of the parents who would later be beautiful "Ten to ten", not only the child has a sophisticated, fluent talent.

-LP: In the Han-free, "Diep" is the "leaf" in the pearl Kimchi, the word "prosecutor" means high, rustic, frugal, not flower. "Diep" is the name set with the desire to have a life rich but always rustic, elegant, unobtrusive, bracky

-The suffix: In the Han-Viet, the word "yang" in the Pacific, also known as the Italian sun is always dashing, illuminated, the word "prime" means high purity, rustic, frugal, non-flowering. "The penis" is the name that is placed with the desire for a successful child in life but retains a rustic high bar and bright dashing.

-Jiangmen: In the Sino-Vietnamese "prosecutor" means high purity, rustic, frugal, non-flowering, "Jiang" is the river, often only things high, great. People often get the name "Giang" named because often prefer rivers images that are both peaceful and powerful as the life of human beings at a level of bass. "Pot", I hope you are a frugal, rustic, simple, peaceful life.

-The possibility: "viable" is adorable, cute, pleasant smile. The "pot" is rustic, idyllic, high-purity. Naming the "prosecutor" is expecting me to be beautiful forever with the tranquility, the rustic, the simple and always cheerful, happy

-Spread: In the Han-Viet, "Lan" is the name of a flower, aroma and beauty. The Vietnamese element means rustic and pure. The name "Lan" means a tall, pure, pure, bright beauty with a simple, rustic

-My prime: "America" means beautiful, good. "Prime" is the Chinese language meaning rustic, pure. "Fine pot" means beautiful children, tall bars, pure rustic.

-The Bank: "Ngân" is the money. "Prosecutor" is the word used to refer to the beautiful daughter. "The bank" is the name with the desire of beautiful, gentle.

-Factor: "factor" is about the beautiful daughter, gentle, pure rustic.

-Pediatrics: "Pediatrics" means small, adorable; "Prime" in the Han-Viet means high purity, rustic, unobtrusive, flaunt. "The prosecutor" means the beautiful, humble, rustic daughter.

-Like the prosecutor: "prosecutor" is true love. "As the element" means the true, delicate, human-only meaning of human beings.

-Factor: "Phuong" is the scent, "smoothie" is rustic, idyllic. The name "the prosecutor" is set with the desire for a beautiful, lovely, always dashing and joyful beauty

-Raise a prosecutor: The Epic of Nguyễn Du once said "Thuý Kieu and Thuý van" is the two Russian Arabs, the word "prime" which means the beautiful daughter. With the name "raise", the parents hope the beautiful, elegant, besides the person who is knowledgeable, knowledgeable, who is bright, gentle and very classy.

-Bar: "Stick" is clean, integrity. "Pot" is rustic, tall, unobtrusive. The name "bar" showing the person with a beautiful, adorable, idyllic rustic, high bar, craving

-Element: The name "prosecutor" is a pretty cute name for girls who are both beautiful, adorable, playful and with lovely mischievous

-Suffix: "Uyen" in the Chinese language is only a graceful, intelligent and beautiful girl, high-quality, classy. Both "Uyen" and "prosecutor" are used to mention a woman's happiness. So the name "Prime" is a rather gentle and adorable name for girls, used to say that the daughter has a beautiful, tender, high bar, meekness, rustic and simple appearance

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