The software creates a signature name that resembles a handwritten signature

In the previous article: Create a beautiful signature online by your friend you have suggested to your website the beautiful sign online, in this article dung will guide you with the software to create signatures by name and most handwriting signatures.

1. Introducing the software to create signatures by name

Signature Creator is a new and unique signature creation software that enables the creation of signature-written signatures that bring the user's personal style, making it possible to insert it at the end of each of their electronic messages.

The software creates a signature name that resembles a handwritten signature
The software creates a signature name that resembles a handwritten signature

Signature Creator owns a simple, easy-to-configure interface by all users. The software supports the creation of two basic signature styles: handwriting and email signatures. Therefore, you must provide the full name, and then select one of the available font styles.

The program uses only the font scripts available on the computer. The font color palette is quite diverse including black, grey, red, white, lime yellow… The signature Creator also allows users to choose the size, font angle, italics, bold…

For signature looks lively, Signature Creator offers a few custom parameters. For example, refine the ink level, the precision of the ink pen, the smoothness of the signature with the help of the sliders. Finally, the user can save the signature as a PNG file. The process for creating email signatures is similar.

2. How to use the Signature Creator to create a beautiful handwritten signature

1. As soon as this program is activated, the Signature Creator dialog box appears. For the first time using the software, it is best to choose the Create Handwritten Signature. Next, enter your name in the Enter your name section and press Next button to continue.

2. A new dialog box will appear. Move the scroll bar to determine the type of font that you feel is quite similar to your handwritten signature style and then press Next button to continue.

3. Specify the color, size, angle, bold, italic (italic), or both for your signature and then press the Next button to continue.

4. The Effects dialog box will appear. Specify the Amount of Ink, the precision of the writing (Pen Accuracy) and the smoothness of the Signature, and then press the Generate button to view the test. If you're satisfied, please press Next button to continue.

5. Press the Browse button to specify the path and enter the filename in the file section and press the Save button to save this signature on the computer. Click on the hyperlink click Here to animate your signature to see how the motion signature is. Finally press the Finish button to return to the original Signature Creator dialog.

6. Select the Create Advanced Signature option if you want to create a more "premium" signature and the Install Animated Handwritten Signature entry to install a dynamic signature for your e-mail.

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Signature Creator Software

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